FlipSide Face


by Julia Robinson/Staff Writer

Think it’s tough graduating in four years? For Allison Wittry, three years was all it took to get the job done.?    

“I didn’t know I was going to graduate a year early until October of this past year,” Wittry said. “I was getting ready to sign up for spring classes like everyone else and I noticed I only needed to take six more classes to get my degree in accounting.”?    

As an Indianola native, Wittry arrived on campus with 18 credits and hasn’t lightened her load since. In addition to a strong academic performance, Wittry is very involved at Simpson. She currently serves as SIFE President, a student ambassador and is a member of Pi Beta Phi.?    

“Allison is one of my sorority sisters and is a very friendly and outgoing person,” senior Allison Lane, said. “She is always willing to help out in any situation and is extremely dedicated to everything she’s involved in.”?    

Although Wittry is involved in several extra-curriculars, her academics are first priority. She is an accounting major with a math minor and has had her sights set on an accounting degree since high school. Her intentions to obtain this degree was one of reason she chose to come to Simpson.

“Normally an accounting degree in bigger schools takes longer than four years,” Wittry said. “So coming to Simpson, I wanted to make sure I got it done in four.”

As a filmer for Simpson’s football team the last three years, she’s formed a personal relationship with coach Jim Glogowski, who speaks highly of Wittry.

“Allison is very professional and takes her work very seriously,” Glogowski said. “She has a great work ethic and will certainly be missed by our football program.”?        With Wittry’s involvement on campus, the football team isn’t the only group that will feel her absence next year. Her sisters at Pi Beta Phi will miss her, but stand behind her decision and wish her only the best in her future.?      

“Some people might say you should take advantage of the four years you get at college, but for Allison this is the right decision,” Lane said. “I don’t doubt that she will be doing wonderful things in her career and life within the next few years.”?    

Graduation in May isn’t the end of Wittry’s academic career. This summer she plans on taking a couple more classes to obtain all of her 150 accounting credits, and then proceed to take the CPA exam to finalize her education. As tough as it’s going to be leaving Simpson’s campus, Wittry is thankful for her time here and that she was able to experience life as a senior this year.?        “It makes it easier that I found out in October and was able to decide ahead of time so I could still participate in all of the senior things,” Wittry said.?       

For those of us who have a few more years at Simpson, or are even possibly thinking about graduating early as well, Wittry suggests that we “live it up” while we’re still here and enjoy the college experience to the fullest.