Campus 411

Math students show off work at annual symposium

The Annual Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium will be celebrating its seventh year of promoting student work through research in undergraduate mathematical science. The symposium emphasizes student’s mathematical research as well as provides career and graduate school opportunities.Professors of mathematics, Rick Spellerberg and Murphy Waggoner first envisioned the idea of a math symposium at Simpson College to showcase students’ works both at the college and other colleges around the Midwest. According to Spellerberg, the group first had difficulty promoting the event but after hosting surrounding colleges and other professionals the group made a name for themselves. Support from the National Science Foundation was one key component in funding MUMS, as well as funding by the mathematics department and the college.According to Spellerberg, this program provides a great opportunity for students to grow individually through mathematics as well as meet trained professionals.”At the event, students get a chance to present and communicate their research and hear what other students and professors have discovered,” Spellerberg said. “An added benefit is that students can talk to graduate schools and other employers.”This year’s program allows students to articulate their findings in a two-day event, rather than a one-day event as in previous years.MUMS will be held Friday at 6 p.m. and Saturday 8:30-9 a.m., April 9-10 at Carver Science Center.

Seniors display talents in final art exhibit

The 2010 senior art exhibit will be taking place April 19 through May 22 in the Farnham Galleries featuring six seniors: Lexi Bruce, Karin Jackson, Amanda Leichty, Ben Murga, Renauld Shelton and Jordan White.Those that will be presenting their pieces have worked hard throughout the semester to prepare for this event.Jackson spent the majority of the fall semester working on her pieces in class, but prepared and designed her pieces over the summer.Although Jackson cannot pinpoint one piece she believes is her best work, she acknowledges that each piece is part of a whole exhibit. However, Jackson believes her canvases are more successful than her sketches.”They are more clear and precise, though that was the whole point really,” Jackson said. Shelton will be presenting six various pieces of movie posters which represent different genres, including romance, horror and drama.Shelton also worked throughout the fall semester on his pieces in which he found that his hardest piece was his action adventure entitled “No Tomorrow.””It’s based off of movies like Star Wars and Starship Troopers,” Shelton said. “It’s difficult, but rewarding to create something original and new.”Jackson added that the artist needs to see what the audience is viewing.”The most challenging thing I find about being an artist is successfully communicating your ideas; getting the audience to see what you want them to see,” Jackson said. “The most rewarding part of being an artist is when the audience does see.”The open reception will be held April 23 from 4-6 p.m. in the Farnham Galleries.

Campus Security Crime Log

Several cars parked on and around the Simpson College campus were broken into last weekend, according to reports in the campus crime log. Three break-ins were reported by students on Saturday, April 3. The vehicles were parked in parking lots near the Detroit Apartments and Hamilton House.The Indianola Police Department said other vehicles around the city had been broken into, but could not confirm an exact number. According to reports, those involved broke windows to gain access to the vehicles. Among the items reported stolen were a GPS system, an emergency car kit, a faceplate to an Alpine Stereo, a laptop computer and a Tom Tom GPS. In an e-mail to students and staff Tuesday morning, Security Director Chris Frerichs reminded people to look valuables in the trunk of their vehicles or store them inside their residencies. Frerichs said Simpson Security and the IPD are still looking for suspects. Those with information can contact Security at 961-1711 or the IPD at 961-9400.