Four generations and more

by Kay Luna

We sat on our living room couch, crowded in close for a photo.

I could feel my 92-year-old grandma’s bony little arm, carefully wrapped around my 3-year-old daughter, holding her close. My little girl was wiggly, moving her bare feet against the leg of my jeans, as I sat beside them both. And behind us was my mom, leaning over the back of the couch, fighting herself not to hold up her fingers like bunny ears behind our heads (she is notorious for that).

We smiled and my husband snapped the photo.

And in that instant, I felt so lucky: We have four generations of women in my family, still able to pose for a Mother’s Day photo together.

Then, I looked over and saw my mother-in-law, who remembered hearing me talk about how much I love her cheese slicer and surprised me with my own for Mother’s Day. Seriously, I was so amazed. It was just a passing comment but she remembered it. Love her.

And then, I thought about my little sister, D, who doesn’t have children of her own, but loves mine with a mother’s fierceness, all the same. She spent Mother’s Day with us, too.

And then there’s my step-mom, C, who has been nothing but wonderful to me every. single. moment. of our lives together. I’m not exaggerating.

My mind just wandered for a bit, as I thought about all the moms (including my other sisters and sisters-in-law) who I know and love — and those moms I don’t know, but admire. We are a force to be reckoned with, aren’t we?!  I love that feeling.

So, how was your Mother’s Day?