Going to Iowa City? Stay Instead

by Simpsonian Staff

Okay, we know that Indianola isn’t always the most exciting town on the weekends, and while CAB tries its hardest to bring fun activities to campus, sometimes we still want more.

Don’t try to deny it. You go home almost every weekend. The empty parking lots say it all.

Now is your opportunity to change that nasty habit because it’s Homecoming and Family Weekend, and there is plenty to keep you occupied.

Start by heading to the Cowles Center at 8:30 Friday night for Simpson’s annual Yell Like Hell. Yes, we all know it’s not in Hopper Gym, but it’s better than going on an ambulance ride after being crushed by 200 or more people from above. CAB will make the atmosphere in Cowles every bit like Hopper, and if not, we hope that the college will consider putting some of that extra student center money to fixing the track.

If you can manage to get up after a night on the town, head to the Storm Street Grill from 8-10 a.m. for a free pancake breakfast. That’s right. Free. No need to use up that meal you need to save or those precious flex dollars.

Don’t forget to check out free inflatables, face painting and other fun activities from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. happening in the Quad, and also the tailgating party in the McNeill parking lot. Alcohol is allowed in that lot, so if you’re 21 remember that you can make it just like an Iowa football experience.

After the game at 2 p.m., grab all your friends and family and head to Hopper Gym for the post-game party. Free appetizers, pop and entertainment will be provided, along with a cash bar for those of age at 5:30 p.m. Sounds cheaper than traveling to Iowa City, right?

If you still can, walk over to the BSC for BINGO to win some awesome prizes. We’re hoping for a ton of SimpCo gear and maybe a new TV.

So forget going home or anywhere else because we already have your plans scheduled for you. Iowa City will have nothing on Indianola this weekend.