Community Service Efforts Are Rewarded

by Simpsonian Staff

Newsweek finally discovered something most people figure out within a week of being here on campus: Simpson students are all about helping others.

Whether it be visiting the elderly, playing games with kids in an after school program or even building homes for the less-fortunate, Simpson students give it their all.

Everyone knows how insane the average students’ schedule is. Many have to balance at least four classes, extra-curricular activities and work every week. The fact that many students on campus go above and beyond the call of duty amazes us.

The college even takes one day out of every year to make not only our own campus look better, many students head out around Indianola to volunteer. Campus Day has been a long-standing tradition at Simpson, which is a testament to our dedication to helping others.

Even just walking around campus shows how helpful and friendly Simpson students are. Are you a prospective student with a question about the confusing class you just sat through? Ask the current student and they will let you know. New freshman or transfer who has no idea where Lekberg Hall is? Ask someone walking by on the way to class.

Some classes at Simpson even have an optional or required service-learning project. Through opportunities like these, many students are shown the great rewards of volunteering and continue to help out long after the class is over.

We’re extremely proud to say that out of all the great things Simpson could be known for nationally, we’re known for our “Do-good” nature. Simpson provides its students with so many opportunities to get involved in our community that it would be a shame not to take part in them, so get out there and do something great for your community.

We know that Simpson is the place to be when it comes to helping others, and we’re glad Newsweek finally figured it out too.