Where art thou chicken nuggets?

by Simpsonian Staff

In this time of economic instability and not knowing whether many of us will leave here and successfully get a job right away, is it so much to ask to keep our chicken nugget day the same?

As many of you know, Thursday, which was designated for chicken nuggets at the Storm Street Grill Express, is now set aside for corndogs. So when will we get our chicken nuggets?


On top of that, no one consulted students about the change – it happened without warning. Students and faculty showed up on Thursday eager to pile their plates up with dozens upon dozens of chicken nuggets only to be disappointed with corndogs.

Actually, they’re mini-corndogs.

When did we lose the democracy in our food service choices? Shouldn’t the students and faculty consuming the products of the Storm Street Grill Express have a say as to when they consume it?

We’re all for cheese balls, beer battered onion rings, bread sticks and other extra choices at the beloved Grill; however, why do the extra choices have to impact the stability and reliability that we had in our former Nugget Thursday?

Okay, so this isn’t as big of a deal as we’re making it, but it’s the principle of the matter: bring back Nugget Thursday!

While it isn’t Nugget Thursday anymore, never fear students and faculty, you’ll still have your precious nuggets on Tuesday.

And rumor has it that the nuggets are actually “bigger and badder” than ever – so take faith in knowing that while you have to have nuggets two days earlier. The change is well worth it.

Our famous last words: Long live the nuggets – no matter which day we get them.