BPAC shows progress, closer to end product

by Simpsonian Staff

The headache of the mud, slush and detours thanks to the renovations of the Blank Performing Arts Center are relentless. However, as Simpson gets closer and closer to the completed project those are things that we can deal with.

As stated in this week’s article in The Simpsonian, BPAC renovations are beginning to show after nearly six months have gone by – and there are still a few months to go.

Torn down walls are being rebuilt, enormous holes are being filled and the temporarily silenced arts center will be full of performances again very soon – on March 25, 26 and 27 for Eurydice, which will take place in Pote Theatre. The Simpsonian staff is proud to inform students that despite a ways to go, congratulations on sticking out the project thus far.

Complaints about out-of-the-way routes to class, muddy sidewalks and loud drills, crashes and explosions are still surfacing around campus, but the new and improved BPAC is worth any of the not-so-friendly noises that are filling campus as of right now. We can deal with it.

The students and members of Theatre Simpson have been flexible and triumphant in their efforts to find new places to rehearse and to carry on with their normal activities – congratulations to you as well. While renovations have been going on, students have been having classes in one classroom and even in the lobby area – another example of the dedication to Simpson students who are making not ideal situation something that can be handled. The new classroom space will provide an opportunity for enhanced learning and more in depth hands-on experiences involving theater productions.

Also a special thank you to the men and women who have been out there on Detroit Street working hard and getting this special building well on its way to looking beautiful. The hours, days and months that have gone into the BPAC renovations are all at the hands of those construction workers and architects.

Many students, staff and faculty have been involved in this renovation by being flexible with the hardships that it has caused: Keep up the good work, Simpson – we can stick this out!