Homecoming isn’t intended for just Greeks


by Sarah Harl

FACT: You can have anything printed on a trophy that you want. Literally…anything. You pay the engraving company; they’ll print what you say.

It seems to have become a common misconception that the only names that can be engraved on Simpson’s Homecoming trophy are those of Greek houses.

Now, don’t get me wrong. As a proud alumna of the Greek community at Simpson, I love and adore the excitement and enthusiasm all of our Greek chapters show during the festivities.

But Homecoming is not fall semester Greek Week. It is a time to bring the entire campus together for good-natured competition and fun. And with the “Superheroes of Simpson” theme, there really isn’t a more exciting Homecoming week to make a commitment to get involved.

From the distinctly creative to the obnoxiously loud, Simpson’s homecoming week has something for everyone. And nowhere else in the country can you find a Homecoming week that concludes with the Best Campus Tradition for a campus under 10,000 students.

That event is Yell Like Hell, our annual stomp competition. Every year, CAB commits to making it bigger, brighter and louder. But what would really put this event over the top is more groups joining the party.

So encourage your club or organization to put a team together. Even if you are not part of a club or organization, ask other people on your floor or in your apartment to form a team with you. You’ll be glad you did.

Even if participation isn’t for you, get out of your dorm room and check out what’s going on around campus. Homecoming really brings out the best in Simpson.

I mean, what better way to spend your Thursday night than watching your peers try to cross the pool in a boat made of cardboard and duct tape?

I hope you’ll decide to participate. As a two-time Homecoming champion myself during my student days at Simpson, I can tell you that while it may not be a conference championship, it is completely worth your time.

Homecoming made me a superhero stomper, cardboard boat constructor, phantom dodge ball champion, and made for some great memories.

Don your best superhero garb and get out and support your peers this week, be they athlete or artist.

Go after that trophy. Find that medallion. Yell Like Hell. Dance Like Hell (with your favorite DJs from the StandAround!).

Be a Superhero for Simpson.