Our View: New schedule not realistic

by Editorial Staff

The new schedule: Holy long classes, Batman

The new schedule is months away from being implemented, and students are beginning to feel the pressure.

The new class schedule shows classes on Tuesday and Thursday going until 3:40 p.m., but what that class schedule doesn’t show is how late labs will run and how those will affect students.

Brittingham says that labs will run until 5:10 p.m.-so how will this impact our student-athletes? Our music majors? Our theatre majors? Those of us who are working feverously to put the newspaper out on Monday and Tuesday nights?

We understand that due to accreditation and to keep Simpson a cutting-edge school, we needed to adjust the schedule to reflect our credit hours.

Yet, we’re left asking-was this really the best choice for the students?

We’re a school that stresses how many extracurricular activities you can be a part of-but when you’re not getting done with classes and labs until 5:10 p.m., followed by a meal and homework, how can a student realistically be actively involved in whatever he or she wants to be involved in?

Yes, we’re here to get a top-quality education, which is what the new curriculum and schedule stresses.

But currently, with diminishing faculty due to a budget crisis, how can this new curriculum and schedule be upheld?

The simple answer is, it can’t.