Our View

The closing of C Street could benefit Simpson students, but not without a little more planning.

While we do see the benefits, we also see a problem with traffic congestion. During the day, students, members of the Indianola community, sports teams and many others use both C and D Streets for travel through campus. With parking on the sides of both streets, traffic can easily become a problem.

By taking out C Street, sports teams will be forced to use D Street as a drop-off and pickup point for games.

Even though this is usually the case, it will become even more hectic due to increased traffic along D Street. If parking is kept on D Street, this may make travel virtually impossible at those times.

However, if parking is removed from D Street, those visiting for home games will face the problem of having nowhere to park their vehicles.

Those who utilize handicap accessible parking will need a designated location closer to Cowles. Not all have the option of being dropped off by the doors while someone else parks their vehicle for them. Perhaps Simpson could look into running a valet service for these types of events?

While we agree that the closure of C Street will make the campus appear more aesthetically pleasing, we also see that more planning on how to navigate cars through campus is necessary.

This leaves us asking, how will Simpson College fix the impending congestion problem?