by Amanda Hintgen

At first, it appeared to be a middle school dance where everyone stands and looks around awkwardly waiting for that one brave soul to bust a move.

But within seconds, the dance floor lit up with Simpson College students.

Campus Activities Board (CAB) held a Headphone Disco on Friday, Sep. 7. The disco ran from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. in front of Smith Chapel, with around 150 people turning out.

“A Headphone Disco is where you get headphones and they have two separate channels on them that you can switch between and you have two DJs,” said junior Andrew Dexter, co-president of CAB. “Both DJs are playing separate songs, so that you can flip the channels back and forth to determine what song you want to listen to.”

There were two live DJs at the event that played a wide variety of music.

“The cool thing about it is it’s completely silent,” Dexter said. “When someone is watching from the outside, they just see a bunch of people just dancing, but they don’t know what the music is or anything because it looks like they are just dancing with headphones on.”

Since the DJ channels played different songs, not all of the students were dancing in the same manner or singing the same lyrics aloud.

“Awesome dubstep,” freshman Ben Craighton said. “We must have more of these. Simpson loves to rage.”

Students were able to check out headphones through CAB by signing a roster and trading in their Simpson ID. If the headphones were lost, stolen or broken, $25 was charged to the student’s account.

“It is such a unique event, and I’m excited that everyone had a great time,” Sarah Harl, assistant director of activities, said.

Simpson students showed off their talents by leading the crowd in dances like the Macarena, the Cupid Shuffle and the Electric Slide as well as hip dances like the Stanky Legg, the Dougie and the Wobble.

Juniors Addi O’Conner and Annie Fullas stepped up to the mike and rapped Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.

“Rapping for the students was way fun for me,” junior Addi O’Conner said. “Not sure how it sounded in everyone’s headphones.”

“This event has gone beyond what I expected,” said senior Kirsty Riggert, co-president of CAB. “It has been an exciting and fun event for everyone who came out.”

The next event sponsored by CAB is Creative U on Friday, Sep. 14 in Hopper Gymnasium.