by Cait Conner

Equipped with an array of Sharpies outside of Dunn Library, Simpson Student Media staffers waited and offered faculty and students the chance to write whatever he or she wished on the Free Speech Wall.

In honor of Constitution Day, Simpson’s Student Media constructed a three panel wall in the main college courtyard.

Students and faculty gathered around the wall, eyeing over other’s writings before deciding if he or she wished to add to the wall. Some merely read, but others demonstrated their right to free speech.

“I like the wall, it’s a great idea” freshman Haley Bryant said.

Many students enjoyed having the wall there to express themselves.

“Words before bullets” or “Roll Storm” can be found on the wall, as well as political views and people’s names. The once pure white wall now is covered with an assortment of colorful writing of those who practiced their right to free speech.

“It’s an interesting concept. It really shows our country’s foundation,” senior Cameron Parker said.

Parker enjoyed the wall and believes that the Student Media group should do more events like the Free Speech Wall.

Campus services removed the Free Speech Wall around 3 p.m. Monday and relocated it to Great Hall for the Sept. 18 Constitution Day lecture to be delivered by Jeffrey Rosen.

Rosen is a professor of law at George Washington University Law School and an author, most recently, of Constitution 3.0.