Alpha Chi Omega under new ownership; Democratic hub


by James Tillison

The house previously used by Alpha Chi Omega has been purchased by Anne Montgomery.

Alpha Chi Omega was an active sorority on-campus until its closing in 2007. Montgomery purchased the house this past March and moved in during the month of July.

The house is currently being used as her own personal living space. She is not alone in the former sorority house, as it may be a bit too big for any one person. The house is currently housing Montgomery’s two children and two others that are grown, making a total of five residents.

Why would someone want to purchase a former sorority house? For the same reason someone would buy any house, it’s beautiful.

“I loved the house, it has a lot of character” Montgomery said.

Montgomery says she is very satisfied with the house and glad she made the purchase as it is equally as beautiful on the inside as it is the outside.

In light of the campaign, and the fact that Montgomery is an open Obama supporter, she offered her house as a headquarters for the Obama campaign.

“I knew the Obama people were looking for a headquarters to stage volunteers out of, so I offered my house to them and the Simpson Democrats were brought in by the Obama people,” Montgomery said.

The former sorority house is located north of Buxton Park, so it is relatively close to Simpson, making it easier for the Democrats to use of the house for on-campus Obama supporting.