Simpson softball enjoys Florida outside of 14 games

by Olu Rotibi

Simpson’s softball team spent their spring break in Florida, but playing and not laying out on the beach.

Even with windy weather conditions and chilly temperatures, the Storm didn’t let that affect them by finishing 11-3 in the Rebel spring games after a 13-game winning streak to round up their non-conference season.

Off the field, players seized the opportunity to relax with family, attend a carnival, and shop at different malls. Many enjoyed going to restaurants and hitting the beaches. Junior Hillary Harmon and Sophomore Emma Negrete had a chance to spend quality time with their fathers at MLB spring training games.

Negrete attended a Boston Red Sox game while Harmon went with her father to a Yankees spring training game where they would get a chance to see their favorite teams.

“We were 10 rows behind home plate and got a chance to meet and take pictures with the players,” said Negrete. “Even though we had to drive two hours to the game, I got a free ball from the ball boy and pretty good seats which was pretty exciting.”

Harmon got the chance to see the New York Yankees play the Dominican Republic in pre-World Baseball Classic play. Harmon enjoyed the experience and even though most of the Yankees sluggers were injured.

“I enjoyed going to the Yankees game even though I couldn’t see Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter,” said Harmon. “It was also a great time to hang out with my dad and relax.”

It was also a first spring training game for Harmon who didn’t get to see her favorite players play but instead saw another Yankee all-star play against his own team.

“It was tough to see Robinson Cano bat against the Yankees in another uniform even though he plays for the Yankees,” said Harmon.

The weather conditions played a factor for both players as they tried to enjoy the rest of their trip.

“We had to leave the eighth inning because it was getting too chilly at the ball park,” said Harmon. “The beaches weren’t that much warmer at all because it was usually windy most of the time.”

Negrete didn’t let the weather affect her and decided to have a little fun at the beach.

“The sand was just terrible because it was pelting us the whole time we were there,” said Negrete.

Overall both players enjoyed their Spring break trip by spending quality time with teammates and family members. Winning ball games doesn’t hurt either while others were away in sunny destinations.

“Winning will always make up for the weather conditions,” Harmon. “Getting a chance to go to the Nike outlet store and eat as a team at City walk in Orlando was also a plus as well.”

Quality time with parents also was essential as well.

“It was fun getting a chance to go to see my first spring training game,” said Negrete. “It’s always even better when you can go with your father too.”