Profile: Hillary Harmon


by Seth Hale

Standing at 5-foot-2 might be an annoyance for many – finding oneself asking for assistance in grabbing items in high places. As for the compact, curly-haired Hillary Harmon, she does the assisting. In fact, she breaks records in assisting.
On March 29, the senior third basemen passed former teammate Keri Sorensen to become the Storm’s all-time assist leader. Sorensen set the record at 276 career assists before graduating in 2012. Harmon sits at 286 assists with plenty of time to extend that mark and set herself apart as one of Simpson’s greatest players.
“When I broke the assist record, my parents and my aunt an uncle were both there. I was really glad that they got to see it. I think they were just as excited as I was, if not more,” said Harmon.
Breaking the record was a big deal for her as it was a testament to her hard work in her time at Simpson. She gives credit to her quality pitchers and first basemen for the record.
“Without them, I couldn’t have set the record.”
Her assistant coach, who played under Coach Henry Christowski, led the third baseman to Simpson from Liberty High School in Missouri. She had always dreamed of playing college softball, and that opportunity was afforded to her by the Hall of Famer Christowski.
Hillary is a relationship-oriented individual and places a lot of value in her relationship with her brother, Taylor, a sophomore baseball player for the Storm.
Having Taylor on campus has kept the sibling bond strong for Hillary, “It’s nice to spend time with him, talk about baseball, and workout together in the off season.”
Another special memory for Hillary is carried in her back pocket. For each game, she places a bracelet in her back pocket to remind her of her best friend who passed away in high school.
“All of my friends who are still playing softball do the same thing,” she said.
As her final season moves into the latter half, Harmon reflects on her favorite memory,
“All the great girls I was fortunate I got to meet and play with throughout my four years here.”
Harmon can be seen on the field sporting an Under Armour headband to hold back her thick head of hair with fellow senior Emily Macki. Harmon also has Macki hold her batting gloves before stepping up to the plate. Harmon won’t forget the time Kacee Arey, a pitcher last season, dove for a ball, saying it was one of the most comical moments on the field.
The criminal justice major realizes graduation is approaching quickly and has applied to departments in Kansas City and Chicago. Harmon aspires to work at the federal level eventually.
Her time at Simpson has been coated with memories on and off the field, and she will be sad as the season comes to a close. The standout third basemen will suit up for 10 more regular season games before the Iowa Conference tournament begins.
With headband in place, a bracelet in pocket, and a love for the game, Hillary Harmon looks to capture every moment of this special opportunity and lifelong dream.