SGA Election Results: 2015

by Alex Kirkpatrick, Staff Reporter

The results are in with plenty of incumbents winning reelection but also enough new faces to shift the makeup of SGA. 

First-year class president, Zach Goodrich, seemed to be the only candidate until a last minute entry from freshman senator Nick Laning. Ultimately, Goodrich won reelection, and Laning will return next year as a senator.

In a dynamic race within the sophomore class, two-time president Robert Lyons came out on top against senator Cort Singleton. Lyons says his service-based intentions are what drives him to run for positions designated for helping the community. 

A vacant seat for junior class president was left by Austin Jacobs and his decision not to run. With no incumbent, the field was a toss-up between five candidates. Molly Monk won the race after serving only one term as senator.

Voter turnout increased from last year. 


Sophomore class: 150 out of 321 voted (46.7%)

Junior class: 176 out of 317 voted (55.5%)

Senior class: 147 out of 358 voted (41.1%) 

Ethan Fredrick, student body president, says, “I’m very happy with the turnout this year. All of our elections in class were above 40 percent. I hope to increase that to 50 percent next fall.” 

He says, however, the lack of diversity in SGA does not accurately reflect the student body, with the governing body being dominated by primarily white men. 

Next year SGA will have 23 members: six are women and one is a minority.

Fredrick would like to launch an investigation concerning minorities and civic engagement in the near future and anticipates this to be a voting issue for the next election. 

Fredrick and vice president, Sarah Beadle, will finish their respective terms in December. 

Full results: 

Senior class president: Molly Monk

Senior class senators (in no particular order): Ruth Ann Roberts, Dani Musselman, Nick Yaeger and Trey Scott

Junior class president: Robert Lyons

Junior class senators (in no particular order): Ishaya David, Teig Loge, Cort Singleton and Erica Heidler 

Sophomore class president: Zach Goodrich

Sophomore class senators (in no particular order): Kelsey Schott, Cody Isabel, Tristan Carmen and Nick Laning