Students stripping down for a good cause


by Tamsin Webb, Staff Reporter [email protected]

The Polar Bare Run is entering its third year on Wednesday, Nov. 18, and students are getting ready to strip off their clothes for a good cause. The Student Alumni Association works with the Central Iowa Shelter and Services to donate clothes each year.

Jorie Hideri, an administrator for the shelter, works with the SAA to put together the Polar Bare Run. The race goes throughout campus and is about one-mile long. The goal of the race is to help the community and to give students the opportunity to give back in a fun way.

“I think it’s really important for people to get involved because it’s giving back to your community. It’s not just some idea,” freshman Alison Mueller said. “You can see that what you’re doing is making a change. You personally are making someone’s life better.”

Last year, SAA gathered up about seven to eight bags of clothes to give to the shelter.

“It’s a really fun and interactive way to give back to the community,” SAA member Alex Hoffman said.

Last year, about 20 students joined the race, a smaller number than the previous year. This fall, SAA is looking for more students to help the shelter.

Students don’t have to race in order to be involved. Everyone is encouraged to bring spare clothes and to cheer for the racers.

“I know a lot of people are scared off by the idea of running, but just come and bring clothes, drink hot chocolate and cheer for people taking their clothes off,” Mueller said.

The Central Iowa Shelter and Services is all about providing free shelter, food and other necessities to the homeless. The shelter gives guests breakfast, showers and counseling.

Officials say it’s important to remember that colder weather is approaching, and shelters are in need of plenty of warm clothes.

“Being an active member of the community, you want to be grateful for the opportunities that you have and realize that not everyone has these things,” senior Alex Cutchey said. “We take a lot of things for granted that may not be accessible to another. It’s a good way to share, be communal and to realize that we’re not just Simpson, we’re actually attached with everyone that surrounds us.”