TrekDesk Treadmill – The perfect way to stay active with a busy workload


by Kendra Campbell, Staff Reporter

I have struggled to balance my work, school, activities and social life all in one day. Recently, I have been walking on the TrekDesk Simpson College has provided for us in the upstairs weight room.

When doing homework, such as writing papers, reading, and watching videos, I need help to stay focused. I have tried changing locations, and frankly I am still looking for something to work. Sitting in my room, I get bored, and when I try to do homework in public, I either talk to my peers or get distracted.

So, I decided to try out the Trekdesk, which I rarely see people on. Once I started walking and doing homework simultaneously, I never looked back.

Some advantage of doing schoolwork on the TrekDesk is it is an excellent way to stay active while being productive. Limiting the excuse of, “I do not have time to work out today.” Plus, the TrekDesk is usually always open, so there is no need to worry about it not being available. Also, if there is a wait, it is limited to only 30 minutes per person.

It is also easy to type on a computer and read while walking which keeps me more engaged and helps me get my homework done faster.

The last pro is there is a cup holder and a place to prop up a book. Both. These tools can be moved all around the desk portion as well.

Some negatives I have found while walking on the TrekDesk are typical. I only go for an hour because my legs get tired, and the point of the desk is to keep my energy up rather than tire me out. Rewriting notes and performing more complex tasks are not relatively easy to do.

The last negative thing I found was that there used to be two TrekDesk so you could study, hang out with a friend and be active all at once. However, last I checked, one TrekDesk needs to be fixed.

Some things take a little bit to get used to or figure out how you prefer things—figuring out how to get my steps and calories correctly on my watch and what time during the day I want to use the TrekDesk were two things I had to adjust to.

I count my steps and must reach my goals every day. When I first started walking on the TrekDesk, my watch counted only a mile when I walked there because I was typing on my computer. I have learned to put my watch around my ankle, which accurately counts my steps and calories.

Walking on the TrekDesk for me is better to do in the morning rather than at night. At night I’m exhausted and lack motivation. However, in the morning, I am not worn out from my long day; I am typically just not fully awake yet. So, if I go right after 8 a.m., the walking boosts my energy, and I am ready for my day.

Overall, the TrekDesk is an underappreciated tool Simpson College provides. It is the perfect way to keep an active lifestyle while being a busy college student.