Kate Minette swims it back


Courtesy Simpson Athletics (Vicki Born)

Minette has continued to find success in her sophomore season.

by Ryan Magalhaes, Staff Reporter

Kate Minette began her second season of Simpson swimming strong, earning two ARC performer of the week awards. Minette earned her first performer of the week in December after setting Simpson records in the 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle events.

Minette won both at a dual meet against St. Mary’s College, as well as an excellent anchor leg in the 200 yard relay.

Minette has performed well both her years at Simpson, winning conference titles in her two main events. Despite the impressive feats, her favorite part of last year was building comradery with the other swimmers.

“Coming into a team that is this young made it really cool. Seeing how we forged dynamics,” she said. “Getting those records was cool, but having the team matters more to me.”

Minette also anchors all the freestyle and medley relays and has since last year. 

Head swimming and diving coach Adam Cvetich joined Simpson athletics the same year as Minette. Cvetich said he was grateful to have such a strong swimmer to coach in his first year.

“If she’s close to anybody that last half, she’s gonna chase them down and catch them,” he said. “It’s almost like I don’t have to watch.” 

But while Minette is a fierce competitor once she hits the water, in practice, she has a very different personality from what you’d expect.

“She’s much more ‘I’m going to do what the universe tells me to,’” Cvetich said. 

Minette is aware of the switch in her mentality and has had it for years.

“I try to chill myself out. Tell myself that it’s gonna be okay,” she said. “When I start racing, I can do it. It’s gonna be okay.” Minette attributes a lot of both her competitive drive and relaxed personality to the team dynamic she helped to build.

“I swim better in relays, when I know it’s not just for me,” she said. “They help me enjoy it because I swim worse when I’m not enjoying it.” The bond between her and the other swimmers is one that Cvetich says he is lucky he didn’t have to push them to form.

“Our team is definitely a team. They’re a family,” he says. “They’re getting breakfast together. They’re lifting together. They’re having game nights.” The team dynamics help create an atmosphere of laughter and enjoyment that Minette needs to keep pushing herself.

The dynamic also encourages Minette to push her teammates. “In the pool, we know that we can pace each other. Set each other for times,” she said. 

Both Cvetich and Minette want her to make it to the national tournament in the 100-meter freestyle, which would likely require reducing her already record time of 54.54 down another two seconds.

Minette will get a chance to set that time on February 4th when she competes at the conference meet in Cedar Rapids.