House of the Dragon season one


by Braeden Graham, Staff Reporter

In August, HBO released a prequel to the infamous television hit “Game Of Thrones.” The show is a prequel based 175 years before the last episode of “Game Of Thrones.”

The show has been in the works for three years, and fans were beyond excited for the 10-episode season. 

“House of the Dragon” is the story of the Targaryen dynasty and the civil war within the family.

Each episode was a little bit different from any other show before that I have watched. Each episode skipped about 10 years which was a little weird. It made it hard to really understand who the characters were because they changed actors for each character periodically to accommodate skipping into the future.

For people who love dragons and medieval types of movies, shows and books, this will fit you exceptionally. 

The character development as a whole was very good. Each big character developed into having  whole stories of their own. For many show watchers, this is what everyone was scared of. Would it follow up the character development from the original show? The answer is absolutely yes.

George R.R. Martin, the author of the “Game of Thrones” book, was present for the entire process of the show’s creation. Being that he was a head director, fans trusted that the show’s story would be in great hands. 

Daemon Targaryen quickly became a fan-favorite character. The role is played by famous actor, Matt Smith. He is the brother of the King at the start of the show, and the uncle of the main character, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. 

His character is quite different from most show characters. He is a straight-to-the-point, take no crap type of guy. He is the prince of the kingdom, and the common people love him.

Episode 10 (The Finale) of season one aired on HBO Max Sunday, October 22nd. 

It was everything fans would have hoped for in a season finale. Such sporadic events occurred and it set up the show for a thrilling season two confirmation. Which is phenomenal news for all of us watchers.

After finishing an extremely fast 10 episode series, the story was absolutely incredible, and the dragon scenes were even better.  Season two of “House of the Dragon” is said to be in production as we speak.

Martin, the book author and director, confirmed to fans, “You will hopefully see episode one of season two in the summer of 2023.” 

For me, the show ticked every box. I simply cannot wait for season 2 to air.