by Taryn Bertini, Staff Reporter

Aries: This week is a good time to take a load off. You may be physically and mentally drained, so now is a good time to look within.

Taurus: A good opportunity is coming your way. This is an excellent time to focus on money and goals, put your mind to work, and trust your gut.

Gemini: You contain a deep reservoir of power and have the ability to do some beautiful inner work. You will continue to grow in many different ways throughout life, so do not let certain relationships or occupations hinder your growth this week.

Cancer: As one of the more sensitive signs, intuition is something that comes naturally to you. In order to push through hardships, now is the time to tap into this sensitive side.

Aquarius: This week is your time to shine. Use your natural leadership skills to showcase all of your determination and patience in whatever you do. Don’t get sidetracked in the irrelevant details.

Sagittarius: This is a great time to create a better bond with people. The connections you make this week will lead you to a happy and successful life ahead. Try to focus on yourself as much as possible and then you will be able to take care of those you have a close relationship with.

Libra: Being one of the more social of the signs, you are charming and likable. You enjoy people so use this time to prioritize your circle above all else.

Leo: This week will be a time of celebration for you. You need to focus on your aim in life and motivate yourself even though your family may not be supporting you. Your professional life will stabilize and will allow you to make important decisions.

Virgo: This will be a great week for you and your family as you are going to be able to grow closer with them and support them in their life. They will help guide you through the right path, so make sure you are listening to what they have to say and follow their advice when necessary.

Scorpio: You are intense, passionate, and determined. Use this week to feel out situations and use your skills to find your way to the end goal. Consistency and stability will be a big component for you this week and use them to strengthen your relationships.

Capricorn: You will be able to reach your goals with your common sense and effective communication skills. This is the right week for you to make important decisions and complete projects because of your positive approach.

Pisces: This is the week for you to focus on your intuition. Listen to your gut, but this may mean you are forced to ignore some advice coming from your close social circle. Do not let anything influence your decision and remind yourself that you are capable of making decisions on your own.