Editorial: Why the Bengals are going to win the Super Bowl


by Caleb Geer, Copy Editor

On Feb. 13, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will go head-to-head for the 2022 Super Bowl. No one predicted this matchup, and I mean no one. I certainly did not.

As it stands on paper, the Rams should destroy the Bengals. The Rams have talent much more evenly distributed across their roster, and I believe that will be a big deciding factor in this game.

Having an offensive line that let Joe Burrow become the most-sacked quarterback in the league this season would concern me quite a bit if I was a Bengals fan.

The Bengals were able to get all the way to the Super Bowl with this o-line, but facing a pass rush consisting of Von Miller, Leonard Floyd and Aaron Donald will put this group to one final test.

Now, if Joe Burrow can be as electrifying as he has been this season, he should not have any issues extending the plays with his feet and taking what his o-line gives him. He does, after all, have one of the best up-and-coming receiver groups in the entire NFL.

With the Bengal’s receiver group consisting of Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd, the Rams defense will have their work cut out for them. The Rams do have one of the best cornerbacks in the league with Jalen Ramsey who should be able to stay with Chase most of the game, but otherwise, the Bengals will have plenty of favorable matchups. If the matchups work out as well as I think, and Burrow can get the ball downfield quickly, the o-line may not be as big of an issue as I initially thought.

The Bengals also have one of the more versatile and talented running backs in the league with Joe Mixon. If the Bengals cannot get the ball moving on the ground, he makes a good pass catcher as well.

With the Rams, you get a solid stable of running backs that could very well set the tone and pace of the game. The running backs will especially be an asset if Cam Akers can play at a difference-making level as he returns from injury. However, like the Bengals, the passing attack will be what garners most of the attention. With a group led by Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr., the Rams have solid downfield threats.

Watching Kupp will be especially interesting, as he led the NFL in most statistical categories important to a wide receiver this year. The Bengals defenders are not slouching, however, and I believe they will be able to limit Kupp in a big way. I actually believe it will be easier to find someone to match up to Kupp on the inside than Beckham Jr. on the perimeter. I see OBJ with a better stat line than Kupp.

The biggest issue facing the Rams may just be Matthew Stafford’s overall streakiness. I will always remember him for some of his head-scratching interceptions. He is a great quarterback and has been a key part of why the Rams are making the trip to the Super Bowl, but there is a bit too much inconsistency for my liking. After all, it is his first year on the Rams, and this is also the only season he has ever played with wins in the playoffs.

Unlike Stafford, who has been in the NFL for over a decade with little to show for it, Joe Burrow won a college national championship just over two years ago. Burrow looks to keep rolling and the Bengals look red-hot as a result.

The Rams do have a home-field advantage which could play a part, but the Burrow hype is too big to ignore.

As it stands, I see the Bengals with the slightest advantage because of the momentum surrounding the team.

Ultimately, it is anyone’s game. I give the Bengals the edge by roughly five points. I see them winning the Super Bowl 27-22.