1000 career points earned by Cameron Kincaid


Simpson Athletics

Fifth-year senior Cameron Kincaid has hit a major career milestone of 1000 total points throughout her career.

by Desmond Alexander, Staff Reporter

Simpson’s women’s basketball has started the season off to a great start, sitting at a record of 16-1, while remaining undefeated in the American River’s Conference. Since then, the team has come back every week destined for more wins. 

One player, in particular, has been influential for the storm over the past few years and has recently reached a major milestone of 1000 career points.

Fifth-year senior Cameron Kincaid is majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry and has been involved with the Storm’s basketball team since her freshman year. 

“The season so far has been going really good,” Kincaid said. “It’s really fun to enjoy one last year with some of my best friends and I’m trying to just soak it all in before it’s over.”

With her sights set on going far in the playoffs this year, she mentions how she never tried to keep track of her points, leaving less room for distractions. “Honestly, I didn’t really know I was approaching it until the game before, so I didn’t feel any pressure.”

The Storm has multiple players contributing on the court: Jenna Taylor, Cassie Nash and Regan Freland each impacted the team greatly.

“I definitely owe my success to my teammates who have pushed me throughout the years during the season and the summer,” she said. 

Kincaid mentioned how the overall goal is to maintain the teams’ success while continuing to create memorable moments with her teammates. Giving praise to the coaching staff, she noted how the coaches’ trust in her has built confidence over the years. 

“My coaches have always believed in me which has given me the confidence to just play versus overthink,” she said. 

Moving further into the season, Kincaid said she’s just trying to enjoy the rest of the time she has with her friends and her team. 

“As the season continues, I think I’ll just continue to enjoy the time I have on the court with my best friends and make each moment count. I know all the hard work we put in during the off-season will pay off,” Kincaid said.