Dominic Lloyd’s heart is in the basketball court


Simpsonian file photo

The men’s basketball team is looking forward to coming together for the new season.

by Max Bertrand, Staff Writer

Dominic Lloyd, a first-year student at Simpson College studying sports administration with coaching, has already made a name for himself as a basketball manager.

Lloyd has always had a love for sports. He played basketball for a couple of years in high school but switched roles from basketball player to basketball manager due to injuries. 

Lloyd has been the basketball manager at Simpson since the start of practice in October. He got the idea from his TRIO advisor. Once he was put with the right connections, the rest was history. Lloyd has always wanted to stay close to the game. 

“It’s something to do, and it’s fun, and you get to meet awesome people and do awesome stuff,” Lloyd said.  

Being a basketball manager comes with a handful of responsibilities, like keeping score sheets at games, setting up scoreboards, setting up for practices, getting out equipment, tracking free throw scores and a little bit of everything. Lloyd doesn’t mind the work, though. He believes that if you do the work you love, it isn’t working at all. 

“If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” Lloyd said. 

Lloyd’s favorite part of his job is getting to meet all the new people and getting to hear their stories. Getting to meet new people has been a plus when involved with one of his favorite sports.  

“If someone came up and told me I want you to be head coach of an NBA team, but you aren’t going to get paid. I’d be like, alright. Sign me up,” he said. 

Lloyd reflected on how he and his friends grew up around basketball together. Lloyd recalls watching March Madness with his friends back in high school, how much love he and his friends shared for the sport and how they would fill up the bracket sheets in class for the March Madness games. Basketball has played a significant role in his life. Lloyd said basketball was there when he needed it. 

His love for basketball is evident, and his love for his team here at Simpson. His passion for the sport will take on new horizons in the future. 

The men’s basketball team is scheduled to play Wartburg College on Jan. 29 at 4 p.m., and plenty of other games are scheduled throughout the weeks to come. 

For more information on where games are scheduled, check out the Simpson College Athletics website to find dates for games coming up.