Horoscopes: Why people may like/dislike you based on your sign

Horoscopes: Why people may like/dislike you based on your sign

by Morgan Parrish, Staff Reporter

Aries: You may be a little short-tempered, impulsive, and aggressive at times, but that does not stand in the way of how well you can work with others. You tend to be very confident in yourself and determined to get things done. Your passionate, enthusiastic and honest personality draws people towards you. But don’t be too direct; you might lose some friends. This week try to relax a little bit. Go on a walk with friends or cruise around town and jam out. Your mind deserves a break.

Taurus: Oh, Taurus, everyone loves you. You are a little stubborn at times, but that doesn’t compare to the good qualities you possess. You are devoted, responsible, and reliable. You are the perfect friend or partner. You give everyone around you a sense of stability and patience that makes them want to be around you all of the time. Romance is one of your key qualities, so this week show that romantic side to your partner, and if you don’t have a partner, this is your week to try a dating app.

Gemini: You are a little needy. You like to talk a lot, and you are not a fan of being alone. You have a gentle side to you that allows people to be comfortable around you. You are affectionate towards others and have a lot of curiosity toward people and the world in general. You fascinate people because you tend to show more than one personality. You will always have new friends because making friends is easy for you. Keep people on their toes with your multiple personalities and kindness, and I promise they will keep coming around. This week try to be alone for a few hours and read a new book; you will enjoy it.

Cancer: Wow, you have several emotions. You can definitely have your mood swings and come off very manipulative at times, but you can love hard. People choose to love you because you are loyal, sentimental, sympathetic, and keep the people you love close at all times. Your family is everything to you, and others will learn fast if they talk bad about your loved ones. You need to work on your insecurities and become stronger within yourself. This week try to get outside of your comfort zone and meet someone new or spend a week away from your closest friends and family. It could benefit you more than you know.

Leo: Either people like you, or they don’t. You are stubborn, a little self-centered, and arrogant at times, but you can surprise many with your humor, warm heart, generosity, and creativity. You like to take initiative, be a leader, and show dominance, making it harder for people to ignore you. Stay generous and work on your arrogance, and I promise you will continue to create relationships. This week try to forget about yourself a little bit by taking time to help others.

Virgo: Stop thinking. You analyze way too many details in your daily life and probably have your entire week planned out and well organized. You more than likely read a lot and eat healthier than any of your friends. You work hard, which is an excellent quality. You also show extreme loyalty to the people in your life and show kindness to everyone. You may annoy others with how practical, analytical, and boring you are, but anyone in your life should be thankful to have you. This week try to relax your mind and body. Put your planner down and have a few drinks with friends (if you’re 21+) and try to free your mind. I guess if you don’t enjoy drinking, then have a movie night and eat a ton of unhealthy snacks.

Libra: You are pretty gentle and will avoid violence, confrontation, and decision-making at all costs. You like your peace but will always fight for justice and equality. You want to be with someone at all times and stay social. You are very cooperative, gracious, and gentle, but you will always hold firm to your own opinions if someone tries to contend with you. You can often show too much self-pity and will always have a grudge against someone that angered you. Others like you because of how comforting you are. This week you should let go of resentment and forgive someone; it might be relieving for you.

Scorpio: You are very passionate and will do anything to figure out the truth behind a situation. You work in a mysterious way that makes you secretive to others. You tend to get jealous easily and become too violent at times. You strive to be right all of the time and always make sure you have the facts on hand. The good qualities you have are that you’re brave, passionate, and resourceful—one reason why people like you is because you are a true friend. You tell the truth, you hold friendships forever, and you will never tell a secret. You should work on being less stubborn and violent to gain more relationships. This week take a step down from being the leader and the person that is always right. Sit in the back and be calm and observe.

Sagittarius: You can never be held down. You love traveling and experiencing new things. You are open-minded, extroverted, idealistic, energetic and humorous. You draw people to you with your great sense of humor and enthusiasm. To have good relationships, others must understand how impatient you are. Nobody can be too clingy or try to make you settle too soon, or else they will be out of the picture in no time. Your life will be full of curiosity, freedom and change. Hopefully, you’ll find someone compatible with your lifestyle. This week you should try to switch it up and have a conversation with someone that is your opposite. Share your idealism with someone who is very realistic, and you might have an exciting conversation.  

Capricorn: You have a solid core, and it is hard to change many things about you. You can be unforgiving, condescending, and distant. It also seems hard to find something you like in your life besides family, tradition, and music. You are very responsible, disciplined, and have great self-control. Holding a steady relationship can be challenging for you because of how strong you stick to your ways. You do not like to accept differences in your values or forgive others after they anger you. You have plenty to work on, whether it is being a little more open-minded or less stubborn, but there are several people just like you that you will always have a connection with. This week take some time to realize your flaws and write them down truthfully. Analyze some things that you want to improve about yourself and start working on one at a time.

Aquarius: Well, you are pretty smart. You tend to get too bored and uninterested if you are not being challenged mentally. You like to think very deeply and come off shy and quiet, making you seem like a nerd. You may be highly intellectual and look into things much more profound than needed, but you are also energetic and love having fun. You do not like when people disagree with you, but not a lot of people will. Others will respect you because of your knowledge and willingness to listen to them. It would be best if you worked on being less uncompromising and temperamental. This week take some alone time and recharge your enormous brain.

Pisces: You are really nice and not even fake nice most of the time. You are compassionate, friendly, gentle, and wise. You have no problem at all making friends. You love helping others and building different friendships. You enjoy sleeping, music, alone time, and even romance. Although you are kind, you do have some flaws. Your main weaknesses are your tendencies to over trust others, being sad often, and being fearful. These flaws are easily fixable with time and effort. Keep being the person you are but take time to start working on making yourself a happier person and not just pleasing others. This week put yourself 100% first and figure out what and who makes you truly happy day in and day out and make that a priority.