Senior Spotlight: Alec Hensley


by Abby Ludwig, Staff Reporter

Senior Alec Hensley is a major in accounting and management and is a member of Simpson’s baseball team. 

Hensley is also an undergraduate assistant (UGA) for the athletics department as well as a group leader and member of the Wesley scholarship program. He is originally from Ottumwa, a town in southeast Iowa.

Hensley played baseball, football, and track in high school and was also involved with student government.

“A lot of similar things I do here, I did in high school,” Hensley said.

Something that not everyone knows about Hensley is that he has a twin brother who attends Central College.

“Yeah we have a family rivalry,” Hensley said.

Having a twin is partially what made Hensley choose to go to Simpson.

“Part of it was being a twin, I was always known as a ‘combo deal’,” Hensley said. “Wherever I was going to go, I was going to go to college by myself. And I felt Simpson gave me the best opportunity to create my own personality and allowed me to be myself and be comfortable.”

Some of Hensley’s best memories at Simpson are the multiple friendships he’s established.

“I have a lot of friends in different groups,” Hensley said, “like I’m on the baseball team, I live with a cross-country runner and I’m friends with people on the cross-country team and being a UGA I see different people I know.”

Hensley says his favorite professor is Mark Jeffernbruch.

“The way he communicates with his students, he’s super professional and you can tell he brings effort and he’s always prepared and he makes you want to match that.”

Hensley is going to miss the little things about Simpson.

“I’ll miss the smaller things,” he said. “Like going to get Millie’s or walking across campus and being here every day.”

A piece of advice Hensley has for first-years is “It’s alright to not know what you want to do. I know the first year I came in and I was like I’m gonna be a high school math teacher and I’ll have a coaching minor and it’s four years later and I’m in management and accounting. Things change and that’s absolutely fine.”

Hensley has accepted a job at an RSM accounting firm in Des Moines, Iowa as a tax associate. He is also hoping to become a Certified Public Accountant as well.