Why the new addition to Simpson’s dining leaves students frustrated

by Desmond Alexander, Staff Reporter

With Simpson dining ending their partnership with APB, many students were anxious to find out what the new addition to dining would be. Simpson College announced over the summer that they would be replacing APB with Sub Connection. Students could agree that with the new COVID-19 restrictions, dining at Simpson College is not the same. Here are three examples of why students think Simpson Dining went backward. 

1. Options are limited

As students walk inside Sub Connection, they notice that the healthy options ABP had are no longer there, leaving them to be replaced with more junk food. ABP was one of the healthiest dining centers that Simpson had last semester. With this option being replaced, students who planned to eat healthily, are left struggling to find something to eat. 

2. Sub Connection still has the same business hours as ABP

Many students complained last semester that ABP’s business hours were not flexible with their extracurricular activities. With sports teams having practice from 3:00 p.m. until roughly 7:00 p.m., they noticed that ABP’s schedule wasn’t convenient with only having an hour to grab a bite to eat.  

3. More options were taken away than replaced

ABP brought a large variety of different foods to choose from. Soups, salads, chips, drinks, and bakery items were more diverse. Even though Sub Connection did bring a lot of those options back, students are aware that a lot of them are gone as well.