What to bring in your carry-on bag to the airport

by Liv Allen, Staff Reporter

  1. Wallet.
    It’s always good to carry cash in an airport in case you find yourself needing to buy any last-minute items (toiletries, sunscreen, snacks, etc) and you should also carry any personal identification like your government issued ID or your passport (if traveling internationally). 


2. Essential and emergency medications. 

You should bring any medication you need to take daily in case your suitcase is misplaced. It’s also smart to bring some emergency medication like Airborne, Tums or Gas-X in case the flight causes you to feel sick or uncomfortable. 


  1. Gum. 

Chewing gum often alleviates the “ear-popping” feeling you get during your flight’s liftoff and landing. 


  1. Headphones. 

You’re able to jam out during long, boring flights. 


  1. Portable charger. 

It’s smart to have a portable charger on deck in case your phone dies while on-the-go.


  1. Electronics. 

These can be used for entertainment or work, but according to USA Today’s Travel Tips, it is smart to put electronic items like laptops or kindles in your carry on since checked luggage may be jostled around a bit. 


  1. Deodorant. 

Self-explanatory…you don’t want to stink while seated closely to what could potentially be a stranger. 


  1. Neck pillow or small pillow. 

These are to help to stay comfortable while napping during flights.


  1. Tissues. 

You never know when a runny or bloody nose could strike.


  1. Hand sanitizer. 

Many people from many places go in and out of planes daily, so it’s smart to keep hand sanitizer on deck—especially given our recent international health crisis.