Five last-minute gifts to get your significant other on a budget

by Jessica Wood, Staff Reporter

#1: Flowers and a vase.

Walmart sells pretty flowers year-round. Pick out your favorite flower or maybe two and go over to the craft section to purchase small vases for about a dollar. Adding a cute note or card will personalize the gift for your significant other.

#2: A mug and their favorite warm beverage. 

It’s still cold in February which makes it a great time to curl up and drink something warm. Also, who couldn’t use a new mug? Maybe even grab them a fuzzy blanket or a new book to read.  

#3: Write a heartfelt letter.

As in a full-page of things about them and your relationship that make you happy. This will show them that you appreciate and notice the small things. 

#4: Rent a movie they wanted to see in theaters but missed.

Set-up a comfy area, pop some popcorn and snuggle in close. Even if you hate the movie, your significant other will greatly appreciate the effort you put into making the night so special.

#5: Educate yourself on something they are passionate about.

Not everyone has the same interests, and maybe there is a topic your partner talks to you about, but you don’t quite understand it. Take the time to learn about it and strike up a conversation about it. This will make them so happy they might not notice you forgot a gift.