Gifts to get your significant other based on their love language

by Jessica Wood, Staff Reporter

Everyone gives and receives affection differently. Do you and your partner know your love language? If you don’t, take the free test together at After you’ve gotten your results, check out the best gifts to give to your significant other based on their love language:

Acts of Service: Your partner best reacts to affection when you do things like clean or make them coffee. The best Valentine’s Day gift for them would be making them dinner at home. 

Physical Affection: Your partner smiles the most when you hold their hand or kiss them on the forehead. A good gift for this person would be a night of cuddling and watching movies. 

Quality Time: Your partner might be most happy when you are just around each other and the idea of cuddling all night might not be their thing. As a gift think, about buying some of their favorite snacks and playing board games or binge-watching Netflix. 

Gifts: Your partner is someone who buys gifts and/or is excited when receiving a gift. Think about buying them a small bouquet of flowers from Walmart or maybe a mug with their favorite drink to go with. 

Words of Affirmation: Your significant other shows the most affection when they give or receive a compliment. Think about writing them a heartfelt letter, a whole page, on what they mean to you and everything they do that makes you happy.