Ten things to do when it’s too cold to go outside.

by Danielle Blake, Staff Reporter

    1. Nap – Cold days are a prime time for catching up on some much-needed sleep. Freezing temperatures are a great opportunity to curl up under a million blankets and let the world fade away.

    2. Work on homework – This may not be the most fun thing to do, but you definitely wouldn’t regret it. We all can get a little behind sometimes and being stuck indoors is a great time to catch up.

    3. Read a book – There has been a lot of new books that have come out getting attention. Cold weather provides the perfect opportunity to cozy up with one of them. There’s much to choose from too. Pick your favorite.

    4. Color – Adult coloring books have been super trendy lately. They’re also a lot of fun. It’s relaxing to sit back and get creative with colors, keeping your mind and hands busy.

    5. Organize your room – Change can be really good. Reorganizing with your roommate is also a way to bond with your roommates. Plus, a cleanroom is a happy one.

    6. Make some comfort food – Warm food makes the soul warm. Order some pizza, make some hot chocolate or bake some cookies. Nothing distracts you from the cold like a full belly.

      7. Binge watch a whole series of something – We’ve all been guilty of doing this one time or another, but it’s hard not to with all the new releases on Netflix. Being stuck inside due to the cold is just the perfect excuse for it.

       8. Call your mom – Chances are, she misses you. If you’re stuck inside anyway, it’s a great chance to finally give her a callback.

      9. Play video games – This is a really fun way to kill time, even if you’re not much of a “gamer”. It’s even one you can do with your friends.

       10.  Talk to your roommate – When was the last time you sat down and hung out with your roommate? Being stuck because of the cold weather is a great time for you guys to spend some time together.