Literary magazine, Sequel, gets ready for its spring publication


Screenshot by Alyssa Craven

by Danielle Blake, Staff Reporter

Simpson students have been working throughout the semester to publish a literary magazine called Sequel.

 Professor David Wolf is the adviser for a high-level creative writing course. Students in this course are in charge of crafting, editing and publishing Sequel, which makes it almost entirely student-run. The magazine publishes prose, poetry and visual arts written by Simpson students, faculty, staff and even some alumni.

 “Visual arts is something we’ve been really trying to push this year since we’re losing the art department,” English major Misty Robinson said.

 Misty Robinson is part of poetry and prose review. She also does the promotion for Sequel.

 The students in the creative writing class divide into different committees based on the type of submission to read, edit and make decisions on publication.

 Junior Michael Roets is currently serving as the managing editor for this edition of the publication. Roets is excited about what this edition has to offer.

 “There’s some really great work coming through this year,” Roets said. “I can’t say anything specific, but there’s some really impressive and creative pieces in every category. The Simpson student body seems to have an interest in poetry; we’ve gotten a ton of it this year. I’m excited to sit down and create the magazine with all of this great writing to work with.” 

This group of students has been working since the beginning of the semester to piece this publication together. They meet about every other week, and as needed to make the magazine.

Sequel gives people who are part of the Simpson community with all kinds of backgrounds an opportunity to express their creativity. Sequel provides a platform for impressive writing and art to be displayed.

 Junior David Robinson is currently part of the prose review and editing team for Sequel. He’s enjoyed his time working on this publication and has felt it’s been rewarding.

 “Getting to see the variety of expressions, experiences, and styles of everyone who submits work is my favorite part of being of Sequel’s staff,” Robinson said. “Every individual has something truly unique and interesting to offer, and I’m [always] intrigued by the different ways those unique aspects shine through in art.”

 After working through the fall semester, students working on the Sequel publication hope it will be ready to publish sometime in the spring semester. As of right now, they are still in the process of getting everything ready.

 “So far, the focus has been on generating the final list of the pieces we’d like to publish,” Roets said. “Once we have the list completed, the next step will be to comb through the whole lot to filter out whatever errors might remain. The final step of the process will be to compile and format the final document for publication.”

 There are also chances to win prizes in each section of the publication according to Misty Robinson.

 “I think it’s a really good idea for anyone to submit,” Robinson said. “It’s a great way to get your writing out there.”

 The class reads every single submission they receive and discusses it. They’ve learned firsthand about the talent the people submitting have.

 “I’m really excited about the volume and quality of submissions that we’ve received this year,” Roets said. “Simpson has a strong base of talented writers, and we’re doing our best to thoughtfully represent the powerful narratives that our community has to offer.”