Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

by Peyton Busch, Staff Reporter


  • You get to travel to another part of the world


Traveling may not always be an option for you, as it always comes with extra fees. Being able to travel for education may be cheaper than to travel for the fun of it. 


  • Study new cultures


You can only learn so much from a textbook. A student can learn so much more by being fully submerged in the culture. 


  • Practice your language skills


Students can only learn so much when they practice with their fellow classmates. When a student can speak with someone who is fluent in a different language they can learn a lot more. 


  • Great internship and career opportunities


Studying abroad looks great on any resume. Businesses love to see students with an abundance of experiences. 


  • Find new interests


When a student is in the same type of environment for all of their lives they tend to get stuck in their same ways. When students are forced out of their comfort zones, they have to find different things to do as well as find new friends. 


  • Meet new people


When students travel to a new part of the world, they can’t take their old friends with them. Students meet new people who are in the area as well as the students who are in their classes. 


  • Learn about yourself


Students who are forced out of their comfort zones have to gain a sense of self-confidence that they might not have had before. Students may learn new things about themselves that they might not have if they didn’t travel abroad. 


  • New education opportunities 


Different schools tend to teach differently. Schools have different professors, different teaching materials and different experiences. This could really help students look at different angles to help further education in their fields. 


  • Gain independence


When students study abroad it isn’t guaranteed that other students are going with them. Students have to learn how to do things on their own just like when they would go to college, but now it’ll be in a new place. 


  • A lifetime of new memories


When a student has a spectacular experience they can’t forget it. These experiences can be shared many times and passed down to the next generations.