Ten things to do when the Internet is down

by Kimberly Roberts, Staff Reporter

1. Talk to friends

This may seem like a foreign concept but it’s a great way to catch up with friends. Talking face to face with friends is also a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

2. Get off campus

With no Wifi on campus, coffee shops become the place to go. Popular place includes Smoky Row in Des Moines and Starbucks shops.  In Indianola, popular spots include Uncommon Grounds on the square and McDonalds. 

3. Go for a walk 

Get outside and see nature before it gets too cold. This weekend’s weather is the perfect fall weather to explore Grey’s Lake in Des Moines or Lake Ahquabi just outside of Indianola. 

4. Take a drive

If you have a car on campus, having no internet is a great time to explore the roads less traveled on. With Indianola having two major highways go through town, students can just hop on one and see where it takes them. Who knows driving around one day can lead to finding the perfect place to watch the sunset.

5. Color

Coloring has been found as a great stress reliever for students, especially college students before finals. This basic activity can help the time go by and bring the creative side out of you. 

6. Have a photoshoot

Just because the internet is down, doesn’t mean your phone stops working. Get a group of friends and have a photoshoot around campus or in Buxton park. 

7. Shoot some hoops

There are two outdoor basketball courts on campus that students can use. Message friends and get a pick-up game started to see who’s the real champion of the court. 

8. Play a board or card game

There are so many different board games that you can play with friends. Some popular ones include Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble and UNO. Having a game night can make for long-lasting memories. 


When the internet crash it can be the perfect time to organize and clean your room. This blessing in disguise can help make your life and room feel more put together. 

10. Reflect on life

Grab a notebook and pen to reflect on all the activities that college has put your through so far. Reflecting can be the perfect way to learn from mistakes and celebrate your accomplishments. Sometimes the little things are all we need to get through the next week.