Intramural fall recap


Photo by Coby Berg

by Madison DePover, Video Editor

Storm Intramurals host a variety of events throughout the semester that any student can sign up and be a part of. 

The first event Storm Intramurals hosted the fall semester was disc slam. The winner was Mady Wirtz.

Next came sand volleyball with four different sections available to students.

Winning the fall men’s two-person sand volleyball was Ben Christensen and Austin Greenwalt. 

For the women’s two-person team, the winner was Natalie Stadler and Katrina Hartman.

Greenwalt and Hartman won the coed sand volleyball. 

“I enjoy spending time with friends and getting the opportunity to compete in a variety of sports,” Hartman said. 

The six-on-six sand volleyball winner was Greenwalt, Hartman, Stadler, Christensen, Morgan Taylor and Luciana Sarda. 

Christensen, a senior, has competed in six events so far this fall. 

“I enjoy competing and being active physically,” Christensen said. “I also enjoy the camaraderie involved with playing with teammates.”

The outdoor coed flag football champion team was Greenwalt, Hartman, Taylor, Sarda, Sam Adeniyi, Hunter Kahler, Stephanie Twohey and Jack Thomas with Adeniyi earning MVP. 

The winning team for coed soccer was named the Burrito Bandits who defeated the Cherry Pickers five to two. 

Members of the Cherry Pickers were Ruairi Forester, Joslyn Cardenas-Flores, Bishnu Adhikari, Steven Cruz-Castro, Braden Hayes, Daniel Ordaz, Isaac Romo and Melissa Sanchez. 

Forester, a foreign exchange student from Ireland played in the coed soccer event and got MVP scoring three goals. His first goal was from the half-line. 

“It was fun to play sports again, as this was the first opportunity to play since being in the United States,” Forester said. “I really enjoyed playing on the coed team.”

The men’s soccer champion team was made up of Austin Andes, Karson Richardson, Blaine Schumacher, Alex Wadle, Ruairi Forester, Bryce Reynolds and Braden Hayes.

Ultimate Frisbee winners were Greenwalt, Christensen, Zane Black, Jorge Castelan, Shane Maglio, Danny Turner, Tyler Jacobs, Chase Sandy and Jarod Riordan.

If you are looking to get involved, intramurals are great for people who enjoy sports and even if they do not. 

“I would definitely recommend intramurals to spend time with friends, meet new people, compete, escape academic stress, and have fun,” Hartman said.  

Look out for the intramural events for the rest of the semester.