Best things to do in Des Moines

by Peyton Busch, Staff Reporter

1. Blank Park Zoo- If you love animals, this place is for you. This zoo covers 22 acres of land in Des Moines. The Blank Park Zoo has around 104 different animal species in their care. 

2. Pappajohn Sculpture Park- The Pappajohn Sculpture Park displays artwork by 22 of the world’s most celebrated artists. It can be a fun atmosphere to walk around and take photos with your friends. 

3. Downtown Farmers Market- The Des Moines farmers market showcases over 300 vendors from across the state of Iowa every Saturday. It only runs May through October but it has a variety of different products for purchase. 

4. Principal Park- This baseball park is home to the minor league baseball team, the Iowa Cubs. It is always a fun family atmosphere to be in no matter which game it is. 

5. Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden- The Botanical Gardens cover about seven acres of space in the middle of Des Moines. It is covered in beautiful, vibrant plants and flowers. You can learn all sorts of information about the plants or just go for a casual walk around to look at all of the plants. 

6. Des Moines Art Center- This beautiful art center features work of contemporary art pieces. The artwork on display are quite inspiring. Admission for this venue is free.

7. Iowa State Fair- The Iowa State Fair is one of the largest events to take place in Iowa every year. It draws in about one million people every year at the end of each summer. The State Fair is packed with industry, entertainment, and of course, agriculture.