Interfaith assembles blessing bags for Joppa


James McKee sits at the table in Kent to assemble kits for Joppa. Photo by Zoe Seiler.

by Blake Carlson, Staff Writer

Simpson College Interfaith created kits with supplies for the Des Moines homeless community last week.

The event was part of a week of programming focused on bringing different religions and faith groups on campus together. Interfaith intern James McKee was in Kent Campus Center helping students assemble the kits for Joppa, a community center in the metro.

“We are currently making homeless kits for Joppa, this is part of Better Together week which is all sorts of faiths coming together to do dialogue but also to do social justice work,” Mckee said.

Each week, Joppa volunteers deliver supplies and kits to the homeless community in Des Moines. They are filled with the most requested items members of the community can use.

“These are called blessing bags, and they are filled with the most requested items Joppa needs for the people they serve. The items are water bottles, deodorant, Slim Jims, washcloths, Band-Aids, wet wipes, sunscreen and feminine hygiene products,” McKee said.

Students had the opportunity to assemble the bags while passing through Kent during the lunch hour. They also had the opportunity to learn more about how they can assist the homeless community in their everyday lives by creating their own blessing bags to keep in their vehicles so they have a useful resource to donate.

Those interested in learning more about blessing bags, Joppa and how to be further involved should contact [email protected]