8 activities to help you spring into warmer weather

by Devon Wood, Staff Writer

Warmer weather is here. Spring has quite literally sprung up around us. Birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming. Here are eight things for you and your family and friends to look forward to with the upcoming Easter holiday and spring season.


1. Easter Egg Hunts

This is a favorite tradition of many families that is often something for the kids to do after a big Sunday dinner. Some families like to hide eggs they’ve decorated, while others hide the kind with a surprise inside. For students home from college, finding things like money, gift cards and trinkets can be a more adult take on this activity.

2. Dyeing eggs

Another tradition that stands the test of time is dyeing eggs. Safe, non-toxic dye kits are relatively cheap at many retail stores. One can also use a few drops of food coloring and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. All you need is some dye and hard boiled eggs and you are on your way to fun creations that all ages can enjoy being a part of.

3. Services and Celebrations

With Easter fast approaching many families are looking forward to special religious services and celebrations. Religious services often have special Easter programs with music and activities. Others are gearing up for springtime festivals that mark the end of cold weather and a chance to get out to enjoy the warm. Many festivals in the spring originally were to celebrate and hope for a successful planting season and often have a town heritage aspect still.

4. Spring Cleaning

This is a great time of year for a closet cleanup, and maybe the rest of the house too. Time to throw out old decorations, clothes and junk taking up space to make room for fresh new looks all around the house.

5. Family Gatherings

Another event to look forward to around spring is a family gathering. It is finally warm enough to break out the picnic tables and gather some family and friends. Maybe cooking a large feast is just what your family has in mind. Spring is an excellent time to get together before summer jobs, activities, and sports drag families all around.

6. Planting Season

Time to start digging in the dirt once again. Being in Iowa, one may think of this as the time of year we are stuck behind farm equipment at every turn. Gardening is a great spring activity. Starting small with a houseplant to bring color to a room is a good place to start. Seasoned and first-time gardeners alike are excited that the ground has thawed and they can finally begin planting those spring flowers. Then, the wait for spring showers brings hope of that first blossom.

7. Graduation

Even if you are not donning that cap and gown yourself, you may be looking forward to celebrating graduations. This is a time to reflect with those who are taking the next step in life. Maybe a younger sibling is finally heading off to college or friends from school are entering the “real world” with a new job in a new city. Reflect on happy memories and never underestimate the power of a simple card with a heartfelt message.

8. Stop to smell the roses

Now that you are running out to buy some flowers for your new spring garden, don’t forget to stop and enjoy them between all of your exciting activities. Students are making summer plans, waiting for the end of school and trying to find a summer job. Don’t forget to enjoy the current beauty all around and take some time for yourself. Taking a walk or try to have lunch outside can do wonders to destress and enjoy the spring season.