Roundtable discussion, March to End Isms to close Justice Week

by Taylor WIlliams, Social Media Editor

Thursday night the Religious Life Community will hold a civil rights roundtable event in Great Hall from 6 to 8 p.m.

Junior James McKee, an RLC intern, planned the event to focus on learning more about diverse groups of students on campus. Students participating will speak on topics including religion, race, and even sexuality. The event will be set up “speed-dating style.”

“It’s an easy and fun way to promote (the event),” McKee said. “It also quickly introduces people.”

Representatives from Simpson Pride, Black Student Union, Multicultural Student Association, Latinos Unidos and RLC will have the opportunity to discuss topics such as what the group does, things they’re working on, events they’ve hosted, and issues they’ve faced as a group and at Simpson.

“I choose the groups which promoted racial equality and dealt with racially diverse people,” McKee said. “Pride was asked as the they are an umbrella group for gender and sexual equality. Interfaith was chosen as they are apart of RLC that I wanted to promote.”

McKee said he’s anxious to see more diversity at the event and for students to get to know about other groups on campus. He is excited for students who don’t always go to events hosted by these groups to meet the members of them and promote social justice.

“Being part of Simpson means being passionate about social justice,” McKee said. “This is a way to involve oneself.”

The final event of Justice Week is March to End the Isms which takes place on Friday at 3:30 p.m. in Black Box.

The march will follow its traditional format of a march throughout Indianola and include speeches, music and food. The march has happened for more than 15 years.

“First, they march around the square to continue the awareness that action is being taken and voices are being heard. It’s also a public show of commitment,” McKee said. “Second, there are usually speeches, music and food for a sort of celebration.”