6 things to do for Valentine’s Day


Photo by Zoe Seiler

by Daria Mather, Copy Editor

If you’re looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day there are plenty of options. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, here are six ideas for something to do on Valentine’s Day.

1. Send a Valentine’s Day card to a kid at St. Jude hospital.

Google St. Jude Hospital Valentine’s Day card to find the link on St. Jude’s website. You get to pick a card with artwork that some of the kids at St. Jude made and then pick a premade message or write your own. It’s so cute and one of the best ways to spread love on Valentine’s Day.

2. On Feb. 14 CAB is hosting bear stuffing in the Kent atrium.

They have done this event for the past few years and it’s for everyone. No date needed. It’s a free stuffed animal, and who doesn’t love stuffed animals? In the past, there have been animals such as a cow, a giraffe, and unicorns, among others. It’s a do-it-yourself event so you are able to decide how full to stuff your animal. It’s like Build-a-Bear without the cost.

3. If nothing else, a dinner date with friends is always a good idea.

Without a reservation, it might take a while to get a table since it is Valentine’s Day, but you have to eat dinner somewhere. Why not go out and celebrate the love you have for your friends?

4. Go visit the animals at Kiya Koda, they need love too.

Go by yourself or with someone else, but what better way to find love than to go give some to animals who need it. The animals at Kiya Koda are looking for their forever homes but why not help by giving them some happiness until they find their home. Kiya Koda is open from 8 a.m. to noon and then again from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

5. Binge watch a TV show.

“The Bachelor” is currently airing Monday nights on ABC but each episode is on Hulu the Tuesday after it is aired. That show is all about finding love and drama so it’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day binge session. Play into the love and drama or make fun of it. Either way, you get something to entertain you. “Grey’s Anatomy” is another great show full of love. The first 14 seasons are on Netflix while the current season is airing Thursday nights on ABC. But each Friday morning, the newest episode is on Hulu as well. If you have never seen Grey’s Anatomy or you’re watching it for the fifth time, it’s a great show full of love, heartache and friends which would be a great show to watch on Valentine’s Day.

6. The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is to “Treat Yo’ Self” as Tom Haverford would say.

Take a bubble bath, put on a face or hair mask. Go online shopping and buy that dress or pair of shoes you have been wanting. It’s good to treat yourself to something good every once in a while, so why not on Valentine’s Day? If so many other people are being treated to something nice, why not treat yourself to something nice too?