More snow, more problems


Photo by Austin Hronich

by Taylor Williams, Social Media Editor

Iowa is experiencing one of the worst winters it’s had in a while. The weather is already rough for those used to these extreme weather conditions. It’s even worse for these out of state students who shared their thoughts on the winter weather.


Korie Torres, freshman, political science and Spanish major from Houston, Texas:

“At first, because I had never seen snow, I thought ‘Yes, this is awesome!’ Now, I’m sick and tired of it. I continuously get sick, and I need it be summer by tomorrow.”


Brooke Caballero, sophomore, business management major from Houston, Texas:

“I hate the weather. I feel like I’m constantly dying. The weather is my least favorite part of my day. I do not like to get out of bed because of the weather. The wind feels like it’s slicing my face open.”


Mackenzie Ritscher, sophomore, elementary education major from Phoenix, Arizona:

“It sucks! I’ve never seen so much snow in my life. I called my mom, and she said it’s 60 degrees back home, and here it’s currently negative one degrees.”


Lexi Hammer, junior, physical education major from Martinez, California:

“The only time I like the cold is when there is snow to go with it. The snow is so beautiful, and I’m still happy this is where I decided to continue my education. But, I do wish that it wasn’t in the negatives so much.”


Erayle Amacker, junior, music education major from Houston, Texas:

“Since I assume I’m not allowed to curse, I’ll just say the weather is really bad. The weather makes me very upset. It makes my legs sore when I have to walk through piles of snow. It makes my heart stop when I slip on patches of ice. Overall, it’s probably not good for my mental health!”


Daniel Estrada, sophomore, political science, psychology and international relations major   from Gilbert, Arizona:

“It’s freezing. This winter is worse than last year because there is so much snow. Last year, it was definitely colder, but I don’t like either of them.”