HeadCount presents: The Future is Voting Tour


by Daria Mather, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Oct. 16th at 8 .p.m HeadCount presents: The Future is Voting Tour with Jim James from My Morning Jacket and Benjamin Booker in the Principal Black Box Theater.

This event is open to any students who have a valid high school or college ID card. Free tickets are available online through the HeadCount Voting Tour website.

Midterm elections are coming up on Nov. 6 and this is an opportunity to find out about why voting is important, in concert form.

“It’s basically a pep rally for voting,” Seth Andersen, director of the Culver Public Policy Center said.

HeadCount is a non-partisan organization who has helped Jim James organize this tour. The tour is going around to six different colleges in “swing districts” to get information out about voting and how important it is.  

A swing district is where both major political parties have similar levels of support. Voters tend to change their support from one election to another.

Jim James is the lead singer from My Morning Jacket and Benjamin Booker is a blues musician. They are working to spread awareness of voting.

“’The importance of getting involved at this moment in time cannot be overstated,’” according to Jim James as written on HeadCount’s website.

The program will be part concert and part town hall meeting with a non-partisan forum.

Candidates running for various offices will speak about the issue of education, among other issues during the non-partisan forum. Andersen will be publicizing which candidates will be attending as they are confirmed.

There will also be student leaders involved and Simpson College alumni who work to boost college student voter registration, according to Andersen.

Some of the students speaking will be the Student Body President Emma Schlenker and Student Body Vice President Cecilia Martinez, the leaders of the Simpson College Democrats and Simpson College Republicans, and the four students who help with voter registration, Levi Lefebure, Abby Schulte, Jailyn Seabrooks and Danielle Bates.

Dean Kent Eaton will also be speaking at the event.

The event is a unique opportunity to experience music incorporated with politics and learn more about voting.

If students are planning to vote in the midterm elections, the event would give more information about what issues are being dealt with and who the candidates are.

If students want even more information on the midterm elections and the candidates, visit votesmart.org to find a plethora of information on any political candidate running for office.