Sustainability Club and SGA attempt to revamp bike program


Courtesy of Creative Commons

by Noah Sacco, Staff Writer

Some students don’t have the luxury of a car and need another form of transportation around campus and Indianola aside from walking. And for some students, a bike is the perfect solution.

Although a bike sharing program has been around Simpson for a number of years, the Student Government Association and the Sustainability Club are currently in the beginning stages of revamping the project.

For the current program, there are a set of bike racks along the north side of the Dunn Library. Students can use the bikes by signing a check-out sheet at the front desk. They are then given a key to unlock the bike and are free to ride anywhere as long as they return it.

The Sustainability Club and SGA hope to revamp the bike program this year by improving the check out process, repairing bikes, setting up long-term maintenance and increasing awareness.

Matt Turnley, president of the Sustainability Club, has helped put these improvements into place.

“This endeavor should be implemented with relative ease. The program is already in place, and we have already purchased bikes, but a few improvements and better communication are necessary for the program to be more widely used,” Turnley said.

The first and most important step for the new bike program to take off involves funding.

One of the options explored has been funding through SGA. Other ideas include partnerships with local bike shops.

Sustainability Club vice president Molly Fisher has been a part of these revamp discussions. This year, she will be directly involved with the project.

“This project is definitely feasible but will take time like any good project,” Fisher said.

Regardless of its timetable, the benefits of restoring the bike program are numerous. It will provide clean, free transportation for all students and allow them to enjoy the Indianola community.

The bike program serves recreational purposes in addition to transportation. The Summerset Trail, a 12-mile path from Indianola to Carlisle, is just one of the trails around campus students can ride with bikes from the program.

“For me, this project is to promote campus well-being. It gives students an opportunity to be active and to stay outside,” said junior class president Blake Carlson.

Carlson has a bike of his own that he rides on trails throughout Indianola. He uses his bike as a way to stay healthy and enjoy the weather.

The bikes are expected to be available in front of the library for the fall and spring months. During the winter, bikes will likely be stored in a safe, dry place away from inclement weather.

The Sustainability Club hopes to make the improvements soon if the project is approved and funded.

“This is something I see a lot of importance in, and I would really like to see it get done,” Carlson said.

The Sustainability Club and SGA welcome any student input. If students have any ideas or ways to improve the program, they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to either organization.