Our View: Take care of yourself and one another


It’s that time of the semester again: dead week, finals week and the light at the end of the tunnel — winter break.

As we move into this stressful period, we just wanted to remind everyone to take care of themselves, mentally and physically.

As you stay up until ungodly hours putting the finishing touches on papers and presentations, or studying until words don’t look like real words anymore, remember that sleep is important and taking time to eat dinner and be with yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. Take study breaks, treat yourself to ice cream, or chips, or whatever your little stressed heart desires.

Give yourself permission to be happy and healthy. Don’t let stress win. Don’t let stress break you. You and your health are more important than an extra point on a test.

Spend time with people who care about you and who you care about. Whether you eat dinner together, watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix or just sit and talk for a bit. It’s important to know that you can take these breaks and focus on your happiness.

Helping one another through this stressful time is the nicest thing you can do for one another.

Overall, just remember that Dec. 14 is almost here, waiting for you to type that last sentence, fill in that last bubble and make the trek home.