At this pace, Redmond could have exceptional season

by Matt Lash, Sports Editor

INDIANOLA, Iowa — In three games this season, senior wide receiver Jackson Redmond has been averaging nearly 10 receptions and over 100 yards per game for the Storm (1-2).

Redmond has already matched his touchdown count from last year with four, and there are still seven games left to play. Assuming he can stay healthy, expect Redmond to have an exceptional season for the Storm.

“Our team motto is ‘1-0 every day,’ so every activity we’re doing, whether it’s on the field or in the classroom, the mindset is to win that drill,” Redmond said.

With that mindset, Redmond has been able to find his success on the field this season and has led the Storm offense with 29 receptions and 317 yards to go along with his four touchdowns.

Like most humble athletes, Redmond can’t give enough credit to the coaching staff, noting coach Trainers’ strength and conditioning program to get the players in the best shape possible.

“We watch film and coaches study film even more than we do,” Redmond said. “Coaches do a great job of analyzing play calls in real-time to try to put us in the best situation possible for the next play or next drive.”

Redmond made a catch against Illinois College this season that was a finalist for a Division III Play of the Week, which only helped boost his confidence this season.

“I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that’s a high ball, high pass,’” Redmond said. “It’s one of those opportunities that you’re either going to make or you’re not. I was lucky enough to come out on top of that opportunity.”

Over the offseason, Redmond put in the work to be successful. Many football players lived on campus during the summer, which has helped them hold each other accountable to keep pushing themselves, setting and reaching their goals and build chemistry that only comes over time.

“This summer, our captains worked hard to try to get all of us out on the field twice a week to work on the little things, the fundamentals that will translate directly to what happens on the field during a game,” Redmond said.

During game day, Redmond said the energy on the field can really be swayed by how intense the fans are in the stands.

“Coaches talk about the roller coaster of a football game and we really try to minimize the highs and lows to try to maintain the focus throughout the game,” Redmond said. “Everybody contributes to the energy level, bringing the hype, getting loud, picking guys up when things aren’t going our way and minimizing the highs to maintain focus.”

In addition to his role on the football team, Redmond is a busy college student. With majors in athletic training and exercise science, Redmond goes to sporting events of all types throughout the year.