Simply Stated

by Simpson College

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Thanks to J.K. for infecting the campus network with the computer virus.


I used to think Simpson College was like Monopoly, but ever since they got rid of “Free Parking” I don’t!

~Uncle Money Bags

So the freshmen guys may be attractive, but they sure are idiots. Learn some tact, high school is over! It’s time to grow up and treat all people with respect.

~Sickened by idiocy

To the freshmen, remember your proxy card so I don’t have to open the door for you anymore.

~Cookie Monster

This is concerning all the girls that show up to class in bar attire. Hot pants, short skirts and halter tops need to be left for the SAE registered party on Saturday.


Pimp Daddy J says there is nothing wrong with wearing bar attire to class.

~Pimp Daddy J

Way to go Pfeiffer! You finally figured out that Simpson students need a fast option for lunch. Now you need to realize that you need it for Friday’s too.


To Pimp Daddy J, you are amazing! Can’t wait to see ya next weekend! You sure can make a girl smile!

~Wink Wink (BFFI)

Thanks to Security. I love the fact that I can pay $40 to you so that I can park my car on the street and only park in the lots when it snows.

~Ripped off