He said/ She said

by Simpson College

Dear He Said She Said

I was at the Zoo Bar last Thursday when I met up with andmade-out with a guy that I’ve liked for quite some time. Can ameaningful relationship result from a random “bar hook-up?” Howshould I address this issue if I chose to pursue a relationship?Will it be weird talking to this guy after last Thursday? Should Ieven try?

– Make-Out Queen

Well, you like the guy and you’ve apparently exchanged somebeer-laden juices with him. I don’t think talking to him should bethat hard now, should it? Some “bar hook-ups” work and some don’t.I recommend you be upfront with this one, chances are that he mightor might not even remember the hook-up as vividly as you do.

As embarrassing as it may seem, go ahead and remind him of that.If he doesn’t remember it, perhaps another kiss or make-out sessioncould serve as a reminder. You know, sometimes guys need somethingto trigger their memory.

Should you even try? Of course, you should try. How else are yougoing to know if it’s going to work or not? If it works and heends-up popping the question next week, you might even have a goodstory to tell your kids about how you and their dad met.

Anyway, if you like the guy as much as you say you do, then Iwouldn’t even think twice about trying. Just tell him!


I guess you could try to pursue this random bar boy… butbeware. If this make-out session took place close to 2a.m. you mayas well forget it-by that time the hunk of man meat you’ve beendrooling over was probably three sheets to the wind and has norecollection of the occurrence. Even if numbers were exchanged itdoesn’t mean he’s going to call… I have a very good friend that’sstill waiting for her call.

If you think this guy is worth it, then go for it, but Iwouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you. “Random bar hook-ups” areexactly what they sound like… meaningless events that occur whenyou’ve had too much to drink and lack common sense. If you reallywant to get to know this guy better give him a call-what can ithurt? Anything has to be better than being a bar fly waiting topounce the next time he enters The Zoo.

Here’s some motherly advice: “Never look for guys in bars,they’re not worth your time.” Even though our local cuties oftenfrequent the bar that doesn’t mean that’s the only place they go.You want to find something meaningful-try the library. I’ve heardthat a lot of bar regulars study there during the week. Maybe youshould search out your hottie in an academic hunting ground…it’ll make a much better story for the grandkids.