Dear He Said/She Said

by Simpson College

Dear He Said/She Said:

Ever since I was a freshman I’ve been crushing on (censored),and I finally made out with him last Saturday after the footballgame. Come to find out he’s a dick. I’m torn… I don’t know if Ishould find out whether or not he’s worth pursuing or just sayforget it and just move on. What do you think?

~A Senior

Dear Senior,

Ok, as a concerned member of this society, I’ll tell you rightnow that you show early signs of a masochist. There’s absolutely nopoint in you thriving on pain like this. We should not even behaving this conversation. To even pursue a guy like the one you’retalking about, is a step toward self-inflicted pain and most peopletry to avoid that.

Trust me, there’s so much potential for better guys out there.You’re graduating, and you’ll definitely meet a different group ofmen as you embark on the next leg of your journey. You’re a senior,why would you want to start something now? You’ll just be settingyourself up for heartbreak.

Unless of course that’s what you’re after, then you shouldn’tlet me be in your way.

Honey, you’ve waited four years for this guy now, crushing onsomeone that long and acting on it simply won’t do you any good bydoing it a few months before you have to say goodbye. So, youfinally made out with him. Good progress, but that would have beenmore helpful to you two years ago or maybe even a year ago.

Forget the guy and move on. Crushes come and go. As you’velearned, this one did!


Dear Senior,

I don’t really have a lot of advice for you except for this: Dowhat makes you happy.

Why do you think this guy is a dick? Did he say he would call?Or maybe he didn’t live up to your expectations? I guess you shouldget to know this man of your dreams a little bit better- he couldbe worth your time. Maybe he was just having a bad night.

If this “incredibly romantic” make-out session fulfilled yourevery hope and dream of what it would be, then I would say go forit.

What have you got to lose? If you think that you have a chancewith this “make-out king,” give it a shot- you never know, maybehe’ll be the best gift you can give yourself for Christmas.