Simply Stated

by Simpson college

I was wondering by the Simp doesn’t put feedback section on it’seditorial. Are they afraid of someone that might disagree with themor prove them wrong?

~ Curious

What’s with all the negativity on this page. Jeez we’re all hereto have a good time and possibly learn something. Let’s get offeach other’s throats. Nanoo Nanoo.


Let it go man, she’s ugly anyway. Bobaganoosh

~ Antwoin Boldwin

Tear down my city wall? I don’t think so.

~ Magnolian

Laws against gay marriage are like laws against marijuana, nomatter how you feel about them or how harmless both of these thingsare when compared to other negative forces in our society both areillegal. So respect the law. Further more there should be somepunishment for people who decide to break this law just like thereis for those who break marijuana laws.

~ no gay marriage

To the kind Simpsonian staff:

You include this section of the paper so that we lovely readerscan have a chance to state our opinions. What do you expect? Allout praise and glory? Fervent rejoicing? Sorry, you aren’t going toplease everybody. That’s just the way it is. Perhaps instead oftaking everything so personally, consider losing the attitudes(which make you sound flagrantly unintelligent, frankly) and dealwith the criticism like real journalists.

~ Mrs. Robinson

A lot of money to be made at Lakeside Casino. Go now!!

~ Free Money

No gay marriage- just because there are laws doesn’t mean theycan’t be changed. If we lived by your mindset, things like civilrights could have never been possible, 18 year olds wouldn’t beable to vote, etc. just because you don’t like something doesn’tmean it should be illegal. That’s life…you’re probably the sametype of person who would tear down LGBTQA posters because you don’tlike the group…lame. There are some groups on campus that I don’tlike, but I’d never tear down a poster because I know that theyhave a right to say what they want…learn a little respect forgroups (this is directed at the entire student body, not just theperson addressed above) and respect for human beings.

~ Someone

How about we try not to incriminate the houses that allow us toparty at them when we lose our things in a drunken stupor. The nexttime you misplace your ID card, try retracing your steps. Somefaculty and administration do subscribe to the students list…

~We LIKE to party

To the Simpson community: Please don’t make the mistake ofcondemning all Simpsonian staff members for the opinions of a feweditors. Not all of us agree with the editorials the paperpublishes.

~ Simp staffer

We need more club sports at Simpson! Like an ice hockey club orsomething! Give those of us who were active in sports in HS achance to continue it at a competitive level but with out thevarsity time commitment!

~ Club Sports?