Our View

by Simpsonian Staff

Change takes time, as we’ve seen with the lengthy process of the curriculum changes. Members of the Learning Programs Working Group have been working hard for more than two years to develop the best possible curriculum for the students and faculty.

They passed the new curriculum on Tuesday, which changes the seven cornerstones into eight embedded skills, or areas of study. They want to do this with less credits and more in-depth classes. This will mean students will only have to take four credits each semester to graduate on time.

What will this mean for students who are undecided on a major, change majors partway through their Simpson career, or are simply interested in taking classes outside the realm of their major? Will those with other interests have the time to explore classes in other fields? Are students who change majors still likely to graduate in four years?

Most importantly, the entire program is centered around molding students to be “civically engaged,” yet LPWG has not outlined what civic engagement means. How can we have a curriculum without a core definition?

We think it’s great the faculty recognizes the need to update our 30-year-old curriculum. As society and the business world have changed, so must the way students are educated if we are to be successful.